Student Visas

AUS will assist accepted students in applying for UAE student visa, if needed, as per UAE government rules and regulations. Approval of visa requests rests solely with the UAE Immigration Authority.

Receiving an offer of admission or being admitted to AUS doesn’t mean your  visa to the UAE is approved.

Undergraduate applicants admitted to AUS are required to pay a seat reservation deposit of AED 5,000 to initiate the visa application process.  

Graduate applicants may proceed with the visa process once admitted.

Please note that GCC citizens do not need to have student visas to study at AUS.

International students who do not have a UAE residency visa, will need to obtain a visa to study at AUS.

To obtain a visa form, please email which should be submitted by hand or sent by courier service along with the required documents (listed below) to the following address:

 American University of Sharjah

 Public Relations Department

 PO Box 26666, Sharjah

 Tel +971 6 515 4500

Required Documents

  1. Colored passport copy, passport must be valid for more than one year.
  2. Four passport-size photographs. The photographs must comply with the following standards:
  • White background.
  • Shoulders must be covered.
  • Don't wear eyeglasses, earrings or hats.


The Public Relations Department submits completed forms to the Department of Immigration in Sharjah to process visas in accordance with the UAE rules and regulations. Visa issuance may take between one to eight weeks. Therefore, if you are neither a GCC citizen nor a resident of the UAE, you must submit your student visa form as early as you can. Early submission of your visa application form allows AUS’ Public Relations Department to process and follow-up on your visa application with the Immigration Authority.

Once the visa is issued, a scanned copy will be sent to the email address you provided on the Student Visa Request Form.

Please note that the visa to be issued is a temporary one valid for only two months from the date of issue. You will need to visit the Public Relations Department in the Main Building to obtain your final visa. If you decide to come later, you should contact us as soon as possible.

If a student visa application is denied by the UAE Immigration Authority, the Public Relations Department will attempt to apply again once.  If the visa application is denied again, the student will be informed immediately. Seat reservation deposit will be refunded in accordance with AUS policies.

For any updates regarding your visa status, please contact the Public Relations Department directly. The Office of Enrollment Management cannot provide any information regarding the status of your visa application.

Details and tips on student visas, arrival on campus, visa transfer procedures and other important information can be found at


Once again, we thank you for your interest in AUS. If you require information regarding your student visa, please email

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