Graduate Assistantship


Below are some general guidelines regarding graduate assistantship at AUS.

AUS offers two types of assistantships to graduate students:

• Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs): A GRA allows graduate students to develop research experience by working with a faculty member on research-related activities.

• Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs): These allow graduate students to gain teaching-related experience through part-time employment in positions such as lab assistants.

Graduate assistantships can be held for a maximum of two years. Both types of assistantships are awarded on a competitive, semester-by-semester basis and follow the same application process.


Only students who meet or exceed all university and program-level requirements for full admission are eligible to apply for GRAs and GTAs. Moreover, graduate assistants must maintain a satisfactory academic record with cumulative grade point average of 3.25 or higher on a scale of 4.0. Specific programs may have additional and/or higher standards.

Application Procedure

New students applying for a graduate assistantship must submit the following to the Office of Enrollment Management/Graduate Admission:

• a complete Online Application with the fields requesting consideration for assistantship marked
• two reference letters, completed by your professors using the required AUS online form.

*Engineering applicants who are applying for graduate assistantship need only to submit two reference letters. These two reference letters will be considered both as part of their engineering application and graduate assistantship application.

The final decision for awarding assistantships will be solely made by the concerned program director/department head.


For more information on AUS graduate assistantships, please contact:

College of Architecture, Art and Design
Rachida Cherki, +971 6 515 2891,

College of Arts and Sciences
Sally Rezeq, +971 6 515 2403,

College of Engineering
Lenita Percival, +971 6 515 2929,

School of Business Administration
Merle Antonio, +971 6 515 1114,

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