Registering for Major Placement tests

As part of our registration requirements, all freshman students who have achieved the required IELTS/TOEFL/EmSAT Achieve-English score for the semester of entry are required to take placement tests appropriate for their intended majors.


To ensure that newly admitted Undergraduate applicants complete the admissions process for Fall 2021 semester, AUS Testing Center is temporarily offering the online AUS placement tests. You can take these exams from your own computer at home using the iLearn system and are proctored by Respondus Monitor.


Please follow the link to find Instructions for Online Placement tests;


To book for the placement tests, please go to, and log in to Web Enabled Interface for Students using your AUS email username and password. Once logged in, go to Current Applicants, then go to Testing Center Registration and view the test schedule, and submit the booking request for approval at least one week prior to the test date. All major placement tests are free of charge.


Before booking for the placement tests, check to see you meet any of the Placement Tests exemption criteria. Applicants meeting any of the Placement Tests exemption criteria and transfer students may be exempted from taking certain placements tests depending on subjects/courses completed and grades earned.


Applicants who have completed SAT Subject Test - Math Level 1 or Math Level 2 with a minimum score of 600 are exempted from taking the AUS math placement tests.


For more information on exemption criteria please visit the link,


Applicants who meet any of the exemption criterion should send a request on attaching a copy of the reports to get a written confirmation regarding any exemption.


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