Undergraduate students' Tuition Fees


Tuition fees at AUS are assessed on a per-credit basis based on a maximum of 12-16 credit hours per semester.  Prospective students should also bear in mind that the cost of their education at AUS typically will include additional expenses such as student housing, medical insurance and other personal expenses.

On average, undergraduate students’ tuition for all majors is AED 94,260 per academic year (includes two semesters). In addition, technology fees and lab fees may apply based on the courses registered for in a given semester.

A list of AUS tuition and fees for undergraduate students is available on

To help students with their education costs, AUS has limited funds available for undergraduate students with limited financial resources. For more information please visit

For accepted methods of payments please visit

To know more, please visit 

To download Payment Guide for Undergraduate Students please go to



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