Submitting missing documents

Incomplete applications will not be processed. Therefore, we encourage you to upload or present the required missing documents (supplemental items) as soon as possible.

If you were requested to submit any of the following form(s), visit to download the form(s):

  • Post High School Declaration
  • Letter from School
  • CAAD Declaration
  • Credit Transfer Disclaimer

You can submit missing document(s) in one of the following ways:


  • To upload any missing document log in to, go to “View” next to your application, then under 'Supplemental Items & Documents' tab attach clear colored scans to the applicable items by pressing “Choose File.” 


  • In person: If you were requested to submit original attested transcripts or certificates, you need to submit these documents in person. If you live in the UAE, please submit them by hand to the Office of Enrollment Management. If you live outside the UAE, please submit them as soon as possible but before the Orientation week. The Orientation week is one week prior to the beginning of the semester. All original documents will be checked, copied and returned.


  • If you were requested to submit specific forms or copies of documents, scan the forms or documents and login to to upload them. Only proper scans are accepted. Snapshots by devices are not accepted.


Once you submit missing documents, please note that they will be processed and will appear on the system.



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